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A Boudoir/Glamour Photoshoot is your time to shine

Whether you come to me for a private boudoir shoot or a fun glamour shoot the results are the same!, I am here to empower you and make you feel so special and beautiful it would be a shame not to do this for yourself. It doesn't mean you're conceited in wanting some fabulous amazing photos of you.

It is a positive experience. I will do my best to bring out your unique beauty with posing and lighting. Embrace yourself and do this for you. Sometimes we need to nurture ourselves and there is nothing better than getting your hair and makeup done and then having some precious memories forever.

Packages at EeVee Boudoir Photography start at only $299 and that includes the photoshoot and a beautiful 10 page album of your favourite images.

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You'll receive a professional slideshow of all the images you choose.

Watch the video to see what a boudoir photoshoot feels like.


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About Esther of Eevee Boudoir Photography

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Esther is a boudoir/glamour portrait photographer based in Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Her passion for photography has grown over the last few years to the point where she is now able to confidently and expertly create beautiful images. She sees photography as a creative process and it certainly doesn't finish on the click of the camera. She works on the photos to create gorgeous printable works of art. Her passion is Boudoir Photography and she loves how it empowers women when she is able to show them, how beautiful they really are.

"Most of all I love it when a woman sees her photos for the first time and sheds a tear. So many of us suffer with low self esteem and have body issues. Boudoir Photography gives a woman some of her confidence back, when she sees how beautiful she really is. To be able to give that gift to someone, is something very special and I love to be able to do that."



“I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a boudoir session at EeVee Boudoir with the lovely Esther. To be honest, I nearly pulled out because I was flipping out about a) how I looked and b) being judged by others. Esther has a warmth about her and a passion for making woman feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. On a personal level, it was inportant for me to have the photos done to celebrate how far I have come. From the age of 11 I have been ashamed of my body. I battled with over eating, under eating, over exercising, bulimia and self-harm, all Taboo subjects that potential can fuel the self-loath feeling. I look back over the years and wish I had more respect for who and what I was. Its never too late to find our sense of self. I know im going to look back and high 5 my 30 year old self Thanks Esther for taking the time and patience to walk me through it. TOTALLY WORTH IT PEOPLE"


We are absolutely in love with everything you have done! Phil is very grateful that you helped me see myself so differently & is very thankful! We can’t thank-you enough on such an amazing photo shoot of absolutely amazing photos & slideshow

“Esther Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for making my day today so special I haven't felt like a Princess for soooo long and you made me feel good about myself again.

 Thankyou for noticing without me saying a word when the pain was getting too much.

Thankyou for making me look past my injury and feel valued.

Thankyou for "listening" to me without me saying a word and making the photo shoot go how I imagined it would.

Thankyou is not enough. Sincerely always Jada .


"To my fellow ladies wanting a confidence boost or just a bit of fun, I highly recommend taking a leap of faith with a boudoir photo shoot. What a rewarding challenge."


Capturing beautiful images of you- frame by frame

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